Nutritional deficiencies from elimination diets

I work extensively with clients who have tried numerous diet to help heal their body, including Paleo, low FODMAP, elemental, Bi-Phasic and GAPS. it is my job as their dietitian to help determine what diet is right for their body and will give them the nutrients to heal while controlling symptoms. I always remind my clients that just because these diets exist doesn't mean they are right for every person. Case in point, with the popularity of the Paleo diet, I have seen numerous nutritional deficiencies that cause these patients to get worse, not better. After running an extensive micronutrient test, we can determine where their nutrition gaps are and add the necessary food and supplements to get their body back to a good place. Most elimination diet are needed only in the short-term; problems usually result when they are continued for long periods of time. Work with an experienced health professional to find the eating style that works for you and doesn't further deplete your nutrients.