New clients should submit a food and beverage record prior to their initial consultation. There are a variety of methods to do this.

1. You may use the food record template to record your food intake. You can fax or email the completed form to the dietitian. Please submit this food record prior to your appointment to allow the dietitian to have ample time to review it.

2. As a new client, you will be sent an e-mail invitation to use our practice management system, HEALTHIE.  You may use the photo food logging feature in the HEALTHIE mobile app. Please also add a brief description for each picture. 

3. If you use a food record program called MyFitnessPal to record your intake, send a friend request to "LeslieGaillardRD". Then, adjust the diary settings so that friends can review your food intake or provide us with a passcode for your food record.

Record your actual intake including all foods and beverages for at least 3-days.  Please try to include portion sizes and detailed descriptions when possible.