Enzyme for gluten cross-contamination??

AN-PEP (Aspergillus niger-prolyl endoprotease enzyme) is an enzyme that is unique in that it works in the stomach where the environment is acidic. In research studies, this enzyme has been shown to break down gluten in the stomach of gluten sensitive individuals who were fed a porridge with wheat containing cookies added. While these studies did not test gluten degradation in people with celiac disease, this enzyme may offer some promise in reducing symptoms caused by accidental cross-contaminations such as in a restaurant. It does not allow a celiac to eat gluten intentionally, but this early research suggests that it may degrade accidental gluten in very small amounts and therefore reduce or eliminate the problematic symptoms caused by accidental gluten contamination. I encourage anyone with celiac disease to consult with a health professional to determine if an enzyme make be helpful in maintaining their gluten free diet.

Metagenics currently offers a product called SpectaZyme Gluten Digest that contains AN-PEP similar to what was used in the studies. 

Should I take a multi-vitamin?

The answer isn't the same for everyone. A multivitamin generally includes both vitamins and certain key minerals. There are different multivitamins based on age and gender; however, the differences are generally minimal. For those who are on a restricted diets such as during active weight loss or food elimination diet, I do recommend a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral at least in the short term. However, there are some situations where a multi-vitamin/mineral may be more critical. These includes during pre-conception and pregnancy, post-bariatric surgery and recovering from certain disease states (celiac, inflammatory bowel disease) where malabsorption of nutrients may be compromised. A multi-vitamin/mineral is generally a very safe choice because it doesn't contain mega-doses and can help prevent deficiencies. I also find it beneficial to use a micronutrient test to take a more targeted approach to nutritional supplementation as there is no one-size-fits-all approach.